After you upload your license, you have the choice between preconfigured network settings or custom subnets.

There are 2 custom addressing scenarios: custom addressing with the overlay network or custom addressing not using the overlay.

Either way, your subnets *CANNOT* overlap with VPC/VNET cloud subnet(s) your VNS3 is running in.

Recommended Option: use overlay network

  • Use at least a /24 Custom CIDR because it cannot be grown without a full re-config

  • Our approach is to put the VNS3 controller addresses up at the "top" or high end of the network CIDR range and then start clientpack usage at the beginning of the range

  • Your encrypted overlay can still have lots of space left, and with an upgrade license you could increase the number until you are using the entire /24 EXCEPT for the VNS3 controller address on the overlay, the VIP, 1st and last addresses

Option 2

  • Only use if your data in motion can be in "plain text" in a 3rd party data center

  • You will still need to configure subnets without any overlap with the underlying VPC, VNET, or cloud subnet.

  • can use a /28 small network

NEXT - continue with configuration steps to generate keys / clientpacks and peer managers


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