VNS3 is sealed virtual appliance, so all access is via Web UI or command line/restful API. There is no SSH access available unless you grant access to Cohesive Networks Support. No secret accounts, no backdoors!

If you do need help, we cannot have access until you request support. Then we will send you a pgp key. You then generate an access key for us to use. You also have to enable both remote support on VNS3 and in the security groups/ firewall settings. 

To provide access to Cohesive Networks Support, provide the following: 

- Public IP(s) of your VNS3 Controllers
- VNS3 Web UI Username
- VNS3 Web UI Password (please change to something temporary for our use)
- Set cloud "security groups" and Network ACL to allow access to TCP 22 and TCP 8000 from our support IP:

If you need help, please email us:!