Once your VNS3 Controllers and Clients are configured and running, save the configuration with Runtime Snapshots.

You can use Snapshots to reconfigure a new Controller with the same SSL Certificates and Keyset with just one file upload. In the event of a Controller failure or re-provisioning event, you can upload the snapshot file to a new VNS3 Controller. The new Controller will retain all the configuration settings as your saved snapshot. 

You can view all snapshots under Maintenance > Snapshots. Remember to also download snapshots to your local network.

When reconfiguring from a snapshot, you will have to make a slight configuration change on each server on the virtual network is necessary if you have not assigned Elastic IPs to your Controller. The OpenVPN configuration file (vnscubed.) on each server needs the new IP of the new Controller referenced in the remote commands section.

If you use AWS, you can set up Elastic IPs so that once the EIP is transferred to the new Controller, your overlay network devices will automatically connect back with the Controllers. EIPs save time on both Controller and client configuration.


For full a step by step guide to taking and launching from a snapshot, visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjQUoIIgsW8