Upgrade your VNS3 license to stay up to date with network function improvements and security updates.


Navigate to Maintenance > License Upgrade in the left column of the Web UI.

  1. Copy your keyset ID listed on the License Upgrade page

  2. Email the key and your upgrade request to Cohesive support (supportATcohesive.net)

  3. Cohesive Support will generate your upgrade license and email you the encrypted license

  4. Click the Import a new license upgrade button on the License Upgrade page

  5. Copy and paste the full license from ---BEGIN PGP MESSAGE --- through to ---END PGP MESSAGE ---

  6. Click Submit

Remember that a license upgrade needs to be deployed to all of the Controllers of a peered VNS3 topology.

To confirm your upgrade worked, check to see if the License Upgrade ID matches the one you received with your license upgrade email from Cohesive. 

If your license upgrade requires any new data such as IP Addresses to use for new Clientpacks, the next screen will display the settings to finalize. Click Submit again.

You should see the contents of the license displayed, and should confirm that your new license contents has the parameters you expected.


Watch the step by step guide to upgrade your license: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DmCXgGUSvRM