Once you initialize your VNS3 Controller you can configure clientpacks and set up peering to connect your VNS3 Controller to the network.

 Generate Keys on VNS3 Controller (called Clientpacks)

  1. Under Overlay, click Generate New

  2. Name your topology (it will displayed at the top of the Controller UI)

  3. Create a security token and record it for future peering and configuration fetching

  4. Click Generate keys Refresh to see progress
    NOTE: Only generate keys for 1 VNS3 Controller in a topology. For multi-controller networks, you will configure other Controllers in the peering steps.

Peering VNS3 Controllers 

Peering is required for all topologies, from single Controller VNS3:vpn free editions to multiple Controller Enterprise+ Editions 

The Peering Setup Page will display the number of Controllers allowed to peer together in your topology.

  1. For Controller #1 select "this instance" from the drop down

  2. If you have a multiple Controller topology, enter the Public DNS address of the second Controller for Controller #2. 

  3. Repeat for each additional Controller in the topology

  4. Click Save Changes

For multi-Controller topologies, configure your other VNS3 Controllers: 

    1. Log in to the UI for second VNS3 Controller

    2. Click Fetch Keyset

    3. Type in private IP address of Controller #1 (where keys were generated) and the security token used to generate the keys on Controller #1


  • After the second VNS3 Controller reboots, click Controller Peering

  • Enter the public or private IP for Controller #1 enter the IP address of Controller 1

  • For Controller #2 select "this instance" from drop down

  • Click Save Changes 


To check your configuration, click on Status. Verify that topology checksum on Controller #1 corresponds to that of Controller #2

Next steps:

After peering, your VNS3 Controller is fully functional. Add routes, set up additional firewall rules, or upgrade licenses to get the most out of your VNS3 topology.  

Watch the step by step guide to initialize and configure VNS3 Controllers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHyHGNGdyOQ