What is VNS3 Peering?

VNS3 peering allows customers deploying premium versions of VNS3:net (SME and Enterprise) and VNS3:turret to run multiple VNS3 controllers in an n-mesh.  Peering enables Overlay Network HA, network appliance specialization and Overlay load balancing.


Do I need to setup Peering for my VNS3:vpn Free or VNS3:net Lite edition?

Yes.  You will need to setup peering regardless of whether you are using the Overlay or multiple peered Controllers. This action finalizes the initialization of the Controller instance by providing it with an identity.

To peer VNS3:vpn and VNS3:net Lite editions, simply navigate to the peering page and select "this instance" from the drop down menu next to the Manager 1 and click save.



Watch the Peering guide on YouTube: https://youtu.be/9ddqYtPXGLs