VNS3 is compatible with nearly all web browsers (and web engines).  Here is a list of common browsers and compatibility information for each:

- Chrome, Chromium, Vivaldi, Brave, Opera, and New Edge: these all use the Blink web engine. VNS3 is officially compatible with these (and other Blink/chromium-based) browsers.

- Safari, all browsers on iOS: these use Apple's WebKit engine. iOS devices do not allow installation of web engines other than WebKit; all browsers available for these platforms are therefore WebKit as well.  VNS3 is officially compatible with WebKit-based browsers.

- FireFox: Mozilla uses the Gecko web engine for its browser. VNS3 is officially compatible with FireFox and Gecko-based browsers.

- Internet Explorer 4.0 through IE11 use Microsoft's Trident web engine. Many browsers have been based on these, although none achieved significant market share.  These browsers are out of support and should not be used in any context. VNS3 is NOT officially compatible with these, although some/many/most functions may still work. We recommend moving to the new Edge browser if you must continue to use a Microsoft product.

You can also interact with VNS3 via the API:

This allows you to configure VNS3 using a command line (or script) to perform PUSH/POST/GET/DELETE calls without the need for a browser.

Feel free to reach out to our Support staff any time if you have questions or concerns: or